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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

G finished for the end of the month!

I had set myself a goal to finish row G by the end of the month..........just made it!!!




Rows A-G completed

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A few blocks for July

I was on a Jane rampage today, I got 8 blocks done.  Yep, 8.  Not sure how, but they just kept coming :)
C-4 took the longest, honestly I think I worked on that one for 2 hours. But it's my favorite.

A-7, A-5, C-2, C-4

D-4, D-3, D-1, D-2

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Great blogs to visit often…..

There are some very helpful Janiac's in blog land. I was looking at some blogs and blogs of the members of Janiac's Unite and there are some very helpful ladies.


Aunt Reen Quilts Modern has easy tutorials on doing the blocks and alternatives to sewing them to what you would think is the way to sew them. So very helpful and thank you Doreen.


Julianne has a lovely blog to visit and has lovely inspirational goings on....go and visit her blog HERE.

Minka always has a very interesting blog to visit and has made many blocks for her Dear Jane quilt.

Lynn from What A Hoot has an awesome blog to visit too and always has interesting posts and is a true Janiac.


I don't know about you but before I sew up the blocks I always see how others have sewn them. Another good blog to visit is That Quilt. Fantastic tutorials on all of the blocks.


Apart from visiting other’s blogs, I like to keep a journal of when I finish each block. I put the Name and Number of the block and the date I completed it and how many pieces made up the block and I then insert a picture of the my completed block. After all that I then write up events that took place on that day with my family and sometimes the world.

I sometimes have to redo a block. Grrr…most frustrating but if I don't redo it, I drive myself nuts thinking about how crooked it is etc. So the quick unpick comes out and I fix the mistake.

Here is my latest block…



Hugs to all…..


The Pickledish Patch

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

'G'....oing well.

Here are the next 5 blue babies!!
My star is a bit off, but I am NOT doing it again. The centre is more like a rectangle than a square and it is white not blue!!! AND that was paper pieced!!!






Monday, July 23, 2012

Jane's Rocket

Here are the Jane Babies I finished this week. They were all from my hand-work tote.







When I entered the piece counts for this week's finishes on the spreadsheet, it told me I was up to 1992 pieces. It just bugged me. It was like it was saying "Neener, neener, neener!" being so close to a perfectly even 2000. I was tempted to finish one more Baby to top that number, but yesterday I prepped the next double-set of Babies to work on (the rest of the catch-up, by the way, woohoo!) and right now I am SICK TO DEATH of Jane. 

But it BUGGED me! So I pulled my Jane Box out of the bureau drawer and fished out all the loose Babies.  

Then I gritted my teeth and sewed 8 sashing pieces on (and ONLY 8) so I could get that spreadsheet total to 2000.

Silly me.  :D    But I'm not going to sew anymore Jane stuff today. Machine or hand. She can just cool her jets for a day or two.   Maybe I'll take the family to Batman instead. And a bike ride along Cottonwood Creek Trail. And maybe we'll try some disc golf on that public course along the trail. Oh, wait - Scott says those aren't frisbies they use, but real-live golf discs, which are a little bit different. Maybe we'll have to try that some other day - Something to look forward to.

Yay….a couple more blocks…..

Why does the time go so quick in between getting blocks done? I have finally got to and done a couple more blocks and these are





They were both tricky blocks but once into them I enjoyed sewing them. Half machine and half hand sewing for both. I am hoping to get another block or two done tomorrow.

Friday, July 20, 2012

G is for Getting there........

I have been quite busy with 'Blue Jane' as well as a few quilting bees, but haven't found time to update my blogs!! So.....here are the first few.....






Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yep, Jane really needs to look out!

Wow! Another super week of catching up on my back-logged Baby Janes.  :D

I thought the week had finished out with this pile, which turned into a great F-16 impression for my Air Force hubby:






Guess that super-sonic flight was too much for the triangles, because the photos spun out all kinds of wrong directions getting onto Blogger:




But then I got to sneak in a couple more finishes before week's end, so "Santa" made an appearance.  :)


Guess he was tired of wearing his hat! (why does Blogger spin the pics around so much?)

And now my chart is at this point. Pretty exciting!

Monday, July 16, 2012

4 new ones

Made during a rainy vacation


All not ironed yet

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Look Out, Jane~!

Now that we're finally settled into our interim apartment after moving cross-country to Colorado Springs, I'm working on catching up my Dear Jane work to the current month. (I'm doing mine through a block-of-the-month program that sends me the fabrics for 10 blocks each month.)  I've brought mine up through the March set so far!

Here are the latest additions bringing my pieces-sewn-together total to 1601:








I just love this shot of Koko running Quality Control:

And my updated Chart: