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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On a roll

I completed 2 more C blocks today with lots of freezer paper and applique. I have also added 3 more A blocks. A-12 is a bit boring as the pieces were so small - I may end up redoing it.






Happy stitching!!

Row L is finished

These are the blocks for row L.
It took me almost a month to finish this row.

I'm new here at this club, and I really enjoy seeing all your blocks,
and thank you for sharing.

Happy stitching

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another C and a few more A's

I have been dragging my heels with Jane (she is driving me insane, especially the foundation piecing.........) Here's my latest............


Here are a few more from row A..





Lynette's progress

Let me just say: Silk Thread. 100 weight. and a tiny, delicate needle = Applique DREAM!  ;D

progress report:

some of those colors just don't photograph true at all








Had the urge to buy more fabric..

Oh dear.....
As if I didnt have enough fabric already? What do I think at times?
Well I had this sitting on the shelf of my store and well it just had to go into my Dear Jane stash as the colours and tones of the fabrics are just perfect.

Its a FQ bundle of Collection For A Cause and I felt that it will suit my DJ just perfect. What I dont use in the blocks I will use in something else I am sure of it.
I havent done any more blocks this month so I will show you the ones I have done before.



Would you believe that a month has gone by already since Janiac's Unite blog started up?
A few ladies haven't climbed aboard and posted about thier DJ blocks yet, so come on everyone ...don't be shy and show us your blocks and fabrics you are using, your techniques or what ever you think about the Dear Jane experience.
Hugs to all....

Saturday, November 26, 2011

First finished blocks.....small progress

Well, after years of procrastination, I have finally begun. A friend who has all her blocks done and took a class from Brenda at Asilomar told me to put a one inch by five inch strip of muslin on the right hand side and a one inch by five and one/half strip on the bottom of each block as I went. But row A requires a 5 1/2 inch on the top also.....and block A-1 requires an additional 6 in. strip on the left hand side. So I precut l69 five by one inch strips, 169 + 26 five 1/2 by one inch strips, and two 6 inch strips. She said it was a tip to greatly facilitate putting them together by doing a little at a time. One other hint she gave me was to make sure I always use a really sharp or new needle. Sure keeps those tiny pieces from getting jammed at the beginning of a seam . I use headers usually and always chain piece.....but it is a good hint. Love working on these although my husband said this quilt certifies me as absolutely NUTS. Here are blocks A-1, A-2, A-5, A-6 ,A-7, A-8.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Two more..............



I have been rather busy this last week, and sewing has been put on hold, however I have completed 2 blocks that I didn't get round to posting - here they are...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ready, Set and Go again

I am excited for this blog because I plan on it being my support for getting my DJ finish, and boy do I have a way to go.
My story goes like this and maybe it's your story too. I just fell in love with DJ and wanted to challenge myself by making one of mine own. So I picked out a fabric collection for it. I like the pink and brown that was being popular at the time, this was 4 years ago. Yes 4 years.

I have the book, the rulers, the EQ program for Dear Jane and I even have the thread I'm going to use when I quilt it.

These are the blocks I have done and then it stopped. Not because I don't like it or I got frustrated. No, it's because something else came up, so I put it all in the container I had and put it aside. Well with time and stacking other containers on top, it just became that saying "out of sight, out of mind"

So now I dug it out and opened it up for the fist time in years.
I'm giving myself a goal of doing at least 10 a month. Unfortunately I still have other stuff going on that I can not quit. I look at it as, each one done is one more closer to finishing.

Till next time

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A-1 Pinwheel Gone Awry

Hot outside today and so I decided to make another DJ block this afternoon. Starting with row A, as that way I don't get to make all the easier blocks first.

More of a writeup on my own blog.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

After 10 years, Dear Jane begins....

I fell in love with Jane when Brenda's book first came out. However as a single mom working three jobs and trying to keep body and soul together, I bought the book and just dreamed of having some time to work on it. That was almost 15 years ago. Several years ago, I saw the BOM on the Stitchin Heaven website and ordered the fabrics and block hints and awaited their arrival for all 24 months of the program. Still no time to really get started. Now my children are raised, I remarried, I moved, and I retired......voila......time to begin Jane. Most importantly, I met several friends who either have begun Jane or want to and we met this last week at a retreat. Today, in the above pix, you can see all 24 BOM's, my notebook with the hints from the BOM carefully filed, and a sticker about NO PAIN, NO JANE that one friend gave me. In the little plastic ziploc bag you can see I have block A-1 cut out. I am happy to report that that little block is now FINISHED. Can I officially call myself a Janiac now? I don't have a blog but hope to report in with progress monthly. Quilter 501 up in NE Washington state.

Yay! Caught up with my Rainbow shipments

oh, no! Amber Alert on a missing Baby Jane!  My A-2 has gone AWOL. :(   Getting a lot of "spring cleaning" done in the search for it.

I finally settled on how I want to set my quilt, and got all the sashes cut out so I can assemble them periodically and avoid another misplaced Baby. (poor little thing)






Here are the 5 that I finished this week, which catches me up to my fabric shipments and makes my quilt look like this:

Friday, November 11, 2011

my yellow blocks

Here are the yellow blocks I have done so far.

I have the colours around the wrong way on this one.  I may redo or I may leave it.  It will depend on what sashing I use.



Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Baby Jane - Spring fancy

Here's what I made with my first nine DJ blocks back in 2002.  I gave it to my daughter who is the one who got me started making the blocks.

Now is a baby jane one with a few of the blocks or is it one made with blocks smaller than 4 1/2" ?  Curious.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dear Jane sees the light again.

When I started my Dear Jane blocks I kept a journal of how each block worked out and any problems I encountered.  Looking at my comments, there seem to be some glitches in my work, and I may redo some.  My journal commenced in June 2008, and I progressed along until I had to pack up my sewing room as we were moving house.  I havent made any more blocks since then - nearly 3 years.

I am using fabrics from my stash, random ones, as long as the colours work in to my plan.  The backgrounds are also scrappy.


These are the first 5 of 30 something blocks completed.  I will take pics of the other completed ones and add them as I can.