If you want to be a member of Janiac's Unite blog to post pictures of your Dear Jane blocks then please contact either Dawn or myself (Vicki) in the Contact Us Page.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Finally here

My pattern book has finally arrived.  Hopefully I can begin piecing tonight when I get home from work.  I can't wait to get started!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hi Janiacs...

First I want to thank Vicki and Dawn for starting Janiac's Unite.  This blog is exactly what I was looking for to inspire me to start my Dear Jane quilt.  I have been collecting civil war fabrics for a couple years now, buying a bundle of fat 1/8s or fat 1/4s as I go.  This weekend I spent a little time organizing my fabrics so they are easily accessible.  
Today, I attempted my very first DJ block, G7, right in the center.  I decided to work from the center so I can attempt to plan the color distribution, we'll see how this goes. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, I quickly learned, these blocks are time suckers, it took me about 2 hours to do this block, I could have been more efficient but I stopped to play with the dog a couple times.. But here it is, my very first DJ block.
I am storing my completed DJ blocks in plastic sleeves in a binder so I can keep track of them.
Now that I have my first block done, I'm hoping I can be a little more productive with these blocks, but it seems like each one will have it's own gotchas and catches.  This quilt certainly is going to be a journey.  But it will be fun doing it with all you Janiac's!!!

Helen's baby Jane blocks

Thanks so much for starting this blog girls. Dawn and Vicki are Janiacs’ who initiated this blog. I though I would mention this in case you are first time visitors. What a great idea to organise this virtual community. So last week I e-mailed Dawn to let her know that I would love to join the journey of finishing a Dear Jane. I sure would appreciate the encouragement of other Janiacs’. So do leave a note of encouragement every couple of weeks. This blog is a great way to be united.

A couple of months ago, last March, I decided to pick-up this project. So far I haven’t regretted my decision. The only thing that worries me is that I don’t seem to be able to find enough time. The progress is ever so slow. The photo shows how far I’ve gotten. As you can see I’m using civil war reproductions.

I also have my own blog for the Dear Jane. On this blog you can find my ramblings about the baby Jane’s I’ve made so far.

I’m hoping by joining this group I will get back to my Jane and continue on this marvellous journey. I really should try to finish the second route!

This is the last block I made end of September, G9 Mary’s Journey.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thanks so much for starting this blog girls, it will definitely help me to keep this project moving along!

I started my DJ a few years ago, I have the software and have found it an excellent way to get and keep organised.

I'm doing my DJ in 1930's fabrics with a white background. I never really liked Civil War fabrics, but in the last few years I have come to like them so wish I started in them, but never mind, I still love the 1930's so I'll have a nice, bright Jane!

(Oh, and on another note, I have started the Farmer's Wife quilt in Civil War fabrics ... but that's a whole other story!!!)

So far, I've completed 46 blocks, which are all the beginner ones according to the software. I'm hand-piecing them all, which is my first ever hand-pieced project. I pretend I'm Jane, sitting at night stitching!!

Here are my most recent blocks, and hopefully I'll have another newly completed one to post soon!

New Member

Thank you for allowing me to join this blog. I started my DJ about 7 years ago as a BOM in civil war repros, after I had made 60 blocks I decided that I did not want my quilt to be the same as everyone else; I finished those blocks into a lap quilt and put the BOM fabrics into my stash. Last year I decided I wanted my own version of the full quilt and went through my stash looking for fabrics with an antique feel; I would like to have all blocks different, if possible, I have lots of small pieces as I often buy layer cakes or F 1/8th's; I have prepped a few and hope this blog will encourage me to keep working! I am new to blogging and don't have my own blog. I hope I have attached a couple of photos to this post!

Thanks again for letting me join you.
Elaine, Surrey, UK

Friday, October 28, 2011

F-3 Sweet and Simple!

I'm so pleased to be a part of this blog and really think that it will help me to push on to complete my top. I can't believe that some of you have already finished one and are working on another! I have nicknamed mine as "Crazy Jane" She will be a blue and white quilt, and I am trying to use a different fabric in each block. That is quite a challenge, so to help organize and identify all the different fabrics I am putting each row in a baggie with a card which I sew a swatch from each block onto as I make them.

I started this crazy adventure in January of 2004, and am a bit over a quarter finished. I've decided that I want to finish my top by my birthday in August 2012, so need to make at least 4 blocks a week to accomplish that. I've been really doing well for the last month, but it looks like I'm going to be challenged to do as much for the next few weeks as I have a lot of other things I need to work on - I do alterations, as well as special order sewing and quilting and have had a lot of work come in lately (not that I am complaining!).

I have finished rows A-D and am mid-way through E as well as having done some of the more simple blocks here and there. Tonight I went through the book to find a quick one, and settled on F-3. So sweet and simple, just a snowball block in the center and 4 triangles for the corner pieces. Plus that, no odd measurements - those seem to be my downfall. I was really happy to find a good block for this pretty fabric - it really was a perfect fit to put the wintery fabric in a snowball.

I am so much enjoying seeing everyone else's blocks - who knows, maybe I'll be tempted to make another version after I finish this one!

Welcome and finally G7... a bit wonky.

Hello, WELCOME to the Janiac's Blog...
If your a Visitor and want to join us on our journey 
of doing a baby Dear Jane quilt please leave us a comment,
if your curious and having a browse...thankyou for visiting
you will see some amazing blocks in a variety of colors
and if your a member, FABULOUS...
were on a journey together and were gonna have fun.
 I noticed some of you ladies are off and running,
I have seen that two of you are 
onto your second Baby Dear Jane... wow... 
 I am amazed, they look wonderful...
****** WELL DONE *****

 Here is my first block...starting at the centre this time with G-7
I have started my Dear Jane quilt again...
The first time I started I liked browns, pinks and greens, not anymore...
I am now doing it as close to Jane's fabric colors as I can
with Fig Tree Fabrics, my favorite range.
 May have to do this block again...
very fiddly, so its a bit wonky...will see.

 Hugs Dawn x x x

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another block…….

I am rather keen with these blocks now and its all because of all you lovely ladies spurring me and the others on.

The blog is doing what Dawn and I wanted it to ….create excitement for us Janiacs.


I have done another block and found this one rather easy to do and I pieced the inside of it and then appliqued the outer part on after. This one is B-11 and so that means I got 2 more to go and I have then finished row B.

Here are some of the ones I have done….

Cathie's Campfire Uncle Homer  Dad's Plaids

A-5                          A-6                   A-7

Florence Nightingale Cabin Fever A-10

A-8                    A-9                   A-10


On the blog…..down the left hand side is a Janiacs Places to visit blog roll ……if your blog isn't there can you please let me know and I will add it to the list. We want everyone to know who is a member of this very important blog.

Happy sewing everyone…..

hugs to all




Thankyou so much Vicki and Dawn for starting this blog.
My DJ was started some time ago, I have completed around 100 blocks and some triangles, then came to a full stop a couple of years ago,  Just as I was about to start on it again I found this blog, so happy.
I am doing the quilt from my stash using varous creams as the background. I have the book and the rulers but not the cd.
When I was on the DJ list a couple of years ago, many talked about having their books bound. so I decided to do the same.
I am looking forward to doing some more blocks soon and joining in the fun.....hugs

From Lucky

G'Day my name is Leanne, but most people call me Lucky. I'll answer to anything, just don't call me late for dinner...lol

Dawn gave me the heads up to this blog and before I ramble on, I'd like to thank both Dawn and Vicki for their time and opportunity to join this awesome blog.

I have been sewing for almost 3 years (before that I knitted) and on my first visit on a Tuesday (at Dawn's) just over 2 years ago, I had my interest pricked about Dear Jane. I have the rulers, book and CD and off I went. Not knowing what I was letting myself into.

The photo above shows you how far I came and then halted.

Having pinpointed the problem I thought.... what the heck I'm starting fresh...new fabric theme and a lot more sewing/cutting/piecing and reverse sewing under my belt. I should be able to not feel like I am making something and not enjoying it.

I have already been collecting fabric for my "Farmer's Wife" quilt I want to start next year. These fabrics will be used for Jane's quilt as well. Civil war reproduction fabric.

Now you maybe thinking " OMG" what about those 15 blocks I have already made? Never fear, they will become one or two cushions for my lounge room. I really don't like wasting projects that have gone off the rails.

I have so enjoyed reading and looking at your posts and look forward to future posts.

Hi There!

I started my DJ quilt last year and powered along for awhile, finishing 20 blocks.... Then I came to an abrupt halt.

I'm so glad Vicki and Dawn have started this blog to inspire and encourage us on this DJ journey. I hope it's just what I need to get my fabrics back out and start making blocks again. I have just photographed my finished A row blocks today. Above is A-1, 2, 7 and 6.
These 3 are A-4,5 and 8.
Thanks so much Vicki and Dawn for doing this... I love this quilt and I really enjoy putting the blocks together... It will be great to pick it back up again.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hello ...

It's fantastic to see the response to Vicki and Dawn starting this blog, I know when I started my first Dear Jane one of the things that helped motivate me was posting photos about my progress on my blog and then receiving feedback by way of comments.

This is my Kind of Blue DJ which I started in January 2010, it was my only large project for the year so I finished all the piecing by December 2010, then took a rest break before joining it all up ready for quilting which is where I am at now. I have machine quilted the sashing and some of the blocks and now I'm hand quilting the rest of the blocks.

About two months ago I decided that I would start making another DJ, so far I have three blocks completed so this blog will be great motivation in keeping me going.
I'm glad to join this Dear Jane blog. I started about two months ago buy buying the book.
I now have finished two blocks.
Every month I visit a Dear Jane Bee at quiltshop Leur.
 I've been there two times now and I love it.
Here are the blocks I finished so far.

Hope to see you soon.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello fellow Janiacs!!

Hello and a big thank you for the invitation to share our Dear Jane journey. I started mine last year and have completed rows A and B. I have joined the rows but not put them together yet - so just have 2 strips!! I won't put all of the blocks on here, but just the last few done this week....... This blog has inspired me to start up again!!





All my blocks are done in blue Liberty fabric, so on the hunt all the time for new designs. Anyway off to start row C!!
Till next time............happy sewing!!

A few of my blocks…..

Hi everyone and how awesome that you all want to be a part of this blog to spur you on with your own blocks. Welcome aboard and welcome to those who are following the blog too. Maybe down the track when time permits and the urge just is too great you too will start a Dear Jane quilt.

I am not too sure that each time we put up the words Dear Jane that we should put the little ® after them. I think its a registered name, so perhaps we do. Does anyone know?


Wow…..you girls are doing some amazing blocks! So neat and perfect!

I am finding that with each one that I do, I do it just that bit better than the last block. I keep telling myself that once they are all put together and quilted the few mistakes I have made wont show up. Well that's my theory anyway. hehehe

I just want to show you some of the blocks I have done. I am using fabric colours as close a match to Jane’s blocks and using a nice off white calico for the background fabric.

Pinwheel Gone Awry       One - Two Buckle My Shoe

A-1                                     A-2

Hunter's Moon      Courtney's Stethoscope

A-3                        A-4

I am doing my blocks in the rows. Starting with A row and will go down the rows. I try not to avoid any blocks because they look difficult to do and if I do I come back to them the next time.


I have the Dear Jane ® book and rulers


which is great for reference and seeing the actual blocks.

I have also got the Dear Jane quilt software to help me with these blocks which is really good as you can print out each block to the exact size and no tracing!


You can get it from The Electric Quilt Company or various other places. Just do a google search. It’s very handy. I will talk about some of the features of this a bit later.

Happy DJ sewing and hugs to all……


A few blocks and a lapthrow

I just thought I'd share a picture of a few blocks and the lapthrow I made during one of our blizzards last year.  The hardest part was choosing the sashing color.

Everybody have a good day!






G13 (to be a re-do)

CW Repro LapThrow


Thank you for the invite.  I'm Angie and I started doing DJ blocks since the year the book came out -LOL. But really haven't gotten very far.  I'm truly amazed at the variety of blocks in Jane's quilt.  And those triangles!  So I look foward to making some progress on these and seeing your beautiful blocks too.  Here's a recent block, F-4.

Which are you working on?

Another Newbie Janiac ...

Hi all ... Larissa from Darwin here, ready and eager to join in the fun of piecing this gorgeous quilt with you all!

I have been crushing on this pattern for a few months now and was keen to do it ... What was holding me back? ... the thought of doing it by myself ... enter y'all Janiacs!!  Thankyou to Vicki and Dawn for coming up with the brilliant idea to start up this group to help encourage and inspire us through this beautiful design!!

So, I have taken the plunge and ordered my pattern ... should arrive next week ... and have decided that since my stash isn't much to rave about ... I also have these two layer cakes on their way ...

Collection for a Cause - Hope by Howard Marcus for Moda
Kashmir V by Sentimental Studios for Moda
Nice, earthy tones!

... Now I just have to wait!!  LOL!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New as well

Thank you for accepting me. I cannot put up any photos as yet as have done  one .Am so hoping this will inspire me to do more. Now need to put the button on my blog


Thanks for accepting my subscription. I'm happy to post my progress in my Dear Jane.

Here are my first blocks. I'm about four months working on this quilt.

The colors of my quilt will be similar to the original.


Gracias por aceptar mi suscripción. Estoy feliz de publicar los avances de mis blocks de la manta de Dear Jane.
Aquí están mis primeros blocks. Comencé hace unos cuatro meses trabajando en este quilt.
Los colores de mi quilt serán similar al original.