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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hey there!

This was a really terrific idea to start this blog. I began my own Janiac journey this August.  I just finished four Baby Janes today, and here is where my rainbow Jane stands:

I am simplifying the fussier blocks when it doesn't change the appearance. For example, if three white pieces are sewn together to make a corner, I just use one white piece. Or, rather than sew two pieces on either side of a melon, I just applique a melon onto a single square (or reverse applique, depending on the result desired).  I might be more fastidious about doing it EXACTLY like the book drafts if I were actually making this with reproduction fabrics. But I'm not, so I'm not.  ;D

Hmm. . . I just saw the note about having the blocks clickable, so here are the 4 I did this week:




10/25 P.S.:

I forgot we don't get normal emailed responses from blogs like this. For anyone who's wondering about my progress chart, I use the My Chart feature in my Dear Jane software. 


Pip said...

Love your colours, I'm doing a rainbow DJ as well, but I'm only three blocks into it.

Robin said...

So fun! I just love rainbow Janes and yours is looking lovely so far.

Dawn said...

fabulous...love the progress chart, need to figure out how to do that??? any tips
Hugs Dawn x x x

Larissa said...

Love the colours and fabrics you've used Lyn!! And the progress chart is genius!!

LynCC said...

oops - I forgot this won't email me the comments automatically from this blog. ;D Dawn, Larissa - I use the MyChart feature in the Dear Jane software. It's really cool!