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Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm Back!

So glad I haven't been dropped from this list, it's been quite some time since I posted!  I've made a few blocks so far this year and finally loaded my Dear Jane software onto the computer.  Due to being down with a bad cold for a few days I've been learning how to use it, and hope to start scheduling myself some blocks so I can actually finish this year.

I've started adding my blocks to the chart, it's quite a job!  I have a lot more blocks done than this, these are just the ones I've found pictures of on my computer.  Since I upgraded to Windows 8 last month I've been struggling with getting programs to run correctly and re-loading the pictures I want.  I figure that tomorrow if I have some daylight I will re-take pictures and see if I can fill the chart up more.  It's kind of fun and a good activity that's fairly restful.

I plan on scheduling myself 5 blocks a week.  I want to machine quilt it, since I've seen some lovely ones that are finished that way.  I might even splurge on a wool batt, I hear they are lovely to work with!  Excuse me if I am rambling, the cold med's make me a bit loopy....

I'm glad to be back and making progress on this project - I've really enjoyed it so far and am looking forward to being able to print up the paper pieced templates instead of having to trace them!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Retreat bundle

So, I got these finished on the retreat.

G-6 is crazy to do, isn't it?!  Super cool, though.

And . . .  I just noticed I messed up my LS10, putting some red patches that should be white. It really bothers me, so I'll be picking that out enough to fix it.  :)

I have 8 others that are half-way pieced, and 12 that need some hand-stitching. But I'm too tired to do any tonight. Time for bed already!!  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Long time no post. I've gone back to the Dear Jane blocks. Now that I have the book and with the help of Quilt That blog I begin to sew the block in sequence.

Very easy to make the blocks B1, B2 and B3. The block A-13 presents a lot of work and difficulty, I finally had a good result. Finally, I developed the four cones of block A-10 hand-applied.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jump Startin' Jane

I'm driving tomorrow to go on a 3-day quilt retreat. I'm really excited because all I'm taking to work on is my Rainbow Jane. 

I haven't worked on this since August. When we moved from the temporary apartment to this house the little box with all the prepped blocks I was working on got lost. But I found it last week! In the meantime, each month I've received my 10-fabric pack for the next set of blocks. For whatever reason, I wouldn't work on those while the others were missing. Maybe I was worried I would mess my system up. (I do know myself - heh!)   At least now with this jump-start, I'll be back on track for working on her regularly.

(back in August)

So, I've got all my Dear Jane stuff packed up and ready to go. Let's see how many of the 70-block backlog I can put together in 3 days! That's a LOT of Baby Janes, and we all know how fussy they can get. How far can I push the chart?!

As of 8 Aug 2012

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Second Block


After a very eventful week with a 48 hour stay in hospital with my 9 year old - appendix operation. Then my 14 year old got tripped at school so back we went to get his broken knee looked at.

Not a lot of time for sewing.

However, "Downton Abbey" episode 2 was on last night. I had A-2 ready to go, but decided the brain needed simplicity and not lots of triangles. So, i went with A-6. A simple one, but its done.

Here it is.


Marg H

Monday, February 11, 2013

AQA Dear Jane Exhibition

I went to the exhibition late on Friday and it did take a while for me to find mine!! It was in the far left hand row, second in! I also loved Angela Davis's coloured Liberty (which won the people's choice) and was lucky enough to meet her and we spent ages discussing our hunt for Liberty fabrics!!

There is a photo of her quilt here:

Her friend was even wearing a Liberty dress - I had the fabric in my quilt!! Here she is pointing it out - we did have a laugh!

It was great to see so many versions of Jane's quilt all in one space..........it has given me the inspiration to get on with all those triangles!!!!
Thanks Vicki for letting us know about this wonderful exhibition.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dear Jane Exhibition

I couldn't get over to Melbourne to see this exhibition but I have been doing a little googling and found a couple of blogs with photos -  Quilting by Celia  and  Aussie Kilted Quilter  enjoy.

Dear Jane Exhibition

The Dear Jane Exhibition

that was on over the weekend was fabulous!

So many quilts on display and all were different. Different colours, different borders, different quilting and all were really lovely.

Here are some pictures of some of them and I took a photo of the name tags but they turned out blurry for some reason….Grrrr!

20130209_104717 (Medium)

Gorgeous aqua and light blues…pretty pretty! 

20130209_104817 (Medium) 

A purple one!!

20130209_105450 (Medium)

This one the lady got sick of doing the blocks and didn’t want to waste them so used them in the houses blocks and made a mini quilt. Its great!

20130209_105653 (Medium)

This one is embroidered….not pieced or hand sewn but embroidered to make it look like the blocks. Ingenious!

20130209_111118 (Medium)

20130209_111957 (Medium)

20130209_112306 (Medium)

Julianne I went on the Saturday and didn't see your blocks …..if I did then it didn't register with me that they were yours.

I really loved the Exhibition and it has inspired me to get mine on the go again :)

If ever there is a Dear Jane Exhibition near you, try to go and have a look…..you won’t regret it.

Happy Sewing everyone and hugs to all


The Pickledish Patch

First block completed

I received my fabric pack of Dear Jane Fabrics late January. Finally this afternoon i cut my first block. A1. Lets start at the very beginning as the song says.

Here is the result:

Not trimmed but that is the block.

Ive cut out A2 and A6. A6 has no triangles. Thought I needed one a little but easier!

Tonight was the return of "Downton Abbey". Over the Christmas break we've caught up with the first two series on DVD. As much as I hate the thought of trying to keep up woth a tv series, I'm hooked and just had to see if Mary and Matthew would really make it to the altar! They did! And throughout I stitched my Dear Jane. And through another episode
of "Castle".


Marg H