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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Retreat bundle

So, I got these finished on the retreat.

G-6 is crazy to do, isn't it?!  Super cool, though.

And . . .  I just noticed I messed up my LS10, putting some red patches that should be white. It really bothers me, so I'll be picking that out enough to fix it.  :)

I have 8 others that are half-way pieced, and 12 that need some hand-stitching. But I'm too tired to do any tonight. Time for bed already!!  


LynCC said...


ANudge said...

You got a lot done!

cucki said...

very pretty x

Julianne said...

I certainly would not be re-doing that triangle!!! Believe me, no-one will spot it and say, "that is not quite right!!"
I love all the colours and everyone will be looking at the whole beautiful thing!!!

Aunt 'Reen said...

You made wonderful progress on your blocks while at retreat! Your Papa's Star looks fabulous!