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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Latest Babies

They sprinkle in, slowly - but surely. I added sashing to the little pile that had accumulated and finished up the A, B, and C rows. Still waiting for more of the spotlight fabrics before I choose the cornerstone fabrics, so it'll be quite a while before I sew any rows to each other. Since those long seams will be far-spaced in time, I really don't mind doing entire rows at once. But if I were assembling the quilt at one shot, I'd much rather do it in growing rectangular chunks!





And the current state of being:

4 'D' Blocks

I haven't posted for a while as I have been busy moving house.
I had done these 4 blocks just before the move, so now I have my computer up and running again, here they are........





Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb blocks

Just getting a couple in before the end of Feb, phew just made it!

This is C-6 Ashley's Aura
... and C-10 Patriot's Lantern

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear Jane Redrafts

Sometimes Brenda's drafts do not match the photos of Jane's blocks. When that happens, I often redraft the block. Out of the 169 square blocks, I redrafted over 30 of mine. For a complete list with links, go to my Dear Jane page and scroll down to "Follow Jane, Brenda, or Minka." In that section, I also link to other blogs that address the variations on the blocks -- including Connie's meticulous photos of the original quilt.

Here's one of my redrafts, H2 - Jacob Anthony. You can read about the redraft here along with photos that show why and how I changed the block.

I hope this helps!

Monday, February 20, 2012

A first!!

I am so pleased that I have one ready to go up here.I chose "Florence Nightingal first (being a nurse from way back) It is hand stitched on FP.I bought these fabrics from a lovely little stall at our Craft fair . This shop had bags made up of "dear Jane" style fabrics. This took me about an hour to do while I had a very slack day in my job Am  on a roll so hopefully will keep going.

My February DJ Block is Done :)

Here's my A-7 block finished.  I stitched it all by hand as my take along project this month, so it was done a little at a time at a couple of guild meetings and two Doctor's office waits.  That worked well, so I'll have to prepare a couple more blocks to work on while on the go :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

Another Janiac

Where Do I Begin?
When Did I Begin?
I was so excited when I discovered this blog! What fun! I've been working on my DJQ so long that I don't remember what year I started -- LOL! I just know it was the late 1990s! I am humbled by speedy quiltmakers.

Lots of Changes
To date, I have made all my square blocks...15 of them were made twice or thrice because I changed my colors midstream. You can read about all my fretting over colors here. I started making my first blocks on the machine but that did not last long. I just could not get enough control and clearly, I prefer handwork. I kept 4 of the early machine-sewn blocks but all the rest were done by hand. You can see my stats, etc. on the Dear Jane page of my blog.

Today and Tomorrow
Lately, I've been joining my blocks -- rows A through G, so far. I'm trying to decide if I want to make the triangles or not. If I do, then I've got lots to figure out because I'm running out of the background fabric. (The early editions of the book listed the wrong amount.)

I look forward to following everyone's progress. It's always fun to see the different variations on Jane Stickle's quilt.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Me again with E-13

Thanks for the nice comments on my post yesterday, I sure appreciate it! Quilting is indeed good therapy, as well as friendship.Today I finished the last block in row E. I didn't like the way it was diagrammed in the book, so I made mine to look like the actual picture of the block. I pieced the triangles, the strips around it and the interior triangles the traditional way. Then I appliqued the small blue triangles to the corner triangles and stitched them on. I like it!

I have stitched the first row together with the sashing, but I think I will take it apart again, in favor of sewing my blocks in chunks instead of rows. Besides that I think I might want to arrange my blocks differently because I haven't really been planning the arrangement of the different blues. It might look ok as I have them, but it might need some tweaking and that will be harder if I sew my rows together now. For now I am just gong to concentrate on getting more blocks finished!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

E-11 and Fourth from the top on the Right

Well February is already halfway over and I haven't done much at all! This week I did manage to get an applique block and a triangle done. My buddy who has been working on one as well has been needing some encouragement - her husband passed away shortly after Christmas and she is having a tough time right now. So we are encouraging each other to work on our blocks. I hope she can find some comfort as we work on our quilts - at least it gives me a chance to lift her up a bit and know that she has a friend.
This triangle I did by tracing on freezer paper, cutting it into the pattern pieces and ironing them on to the fabric. I cut out with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, then pieced. It went really well and looks pretty good!
E-11 is one I've been avoiding for a while, so it was a good day to tackle it! I appliqued the center wheel onto the white, then reverse appliqued the background over that. Then I appliqued the corners on in white. Glad to have this one out of the way! I think tomorrow I will finish up Row E! Yay for progress!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Finally got back to Dear Jane

A1...on my way...

Hello... I have finally made my first block again...
I started my Dear Jane way back a few years ago
 I chose colors I no longer am drawn to so then
 I had to think what colorway would I do...
 This has taken me 3 months..agonising over the colors etc.
There are so many gorgeous Dear Jane's around it's hard to chose
Would I use a light background or dark...what fabrics?
 Anyhow I decided I am using all the Fig Tree fabric ranges
I have in my stash and using a seeded Homespun
as the background as it looks feed stack-y. 
I will follow Jane's color placement for my Dear Jane.
 So last night after 3 attempts, 1, a foundation piece was tossed..
 too hard and fiddly for me... then 2 attempts with rotary cut pieces.
 One looks better so is a keeper.
 I am pleased and have now completed A1...
Now to do a few more....LOL
I may just do the green fabric blocks to start with..
 Happy Jane-ing
 Hugs Dawn x x x

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New to Janiacs Unite {not so new to Jane}

Hi! My name is Heather & I have the pieces of Dear Jane finished....
now, I'm not thrilled with every block & would like to redo a few but they are technically complete.

I did the blocks first, having originally eliminated the triangles from the design. 
Phase 2 included all the triangles....but I never put the pieces together! Everything sat in storage bins, just waiting for me to get the urge to move on to Phase 3.

To help move me on, fate brought a blogger friend to me....
I had some fabric she was looking for & had to dig through the stash amassed for Jane. While in search of the 4 leaf clover Judie Rothermel fabric, I fell in love with the 30s reproduction prints all over again.

Then, I read some of the posts on Janiacs Unite and found this blog is such a warm & welcoming place to be! I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

Special thanks to Vicki & Dawn for the invitation to post here. I'm so looking forward to getting back to this project of a lifetime.

Happy stitching,

Monday, February 6, 2012

Another 2

I decided that I should make another couple of blocks while I had everything out. These are now done:



Here are my finished greens to date:

C-2, D-13, A-10, B-3, M-10, F-5, C-12, B-11, A-4, D-1, Marilyn

Just joined

Let me introduve myself first! My name is Marianna and I blog @http://craftluv.blogspot.com/
I joined this blog recently as I really need encouragement to keep stitching those triangles! I am not having so much fun with them and they bore me a lot. But I do want them to be finished and add them to my center piece! So far I have done half of the top border and some single ones in the other borders. I have stitched my center piece together, so need to add those borders and the scallop outside border to be finished, at least to get it basted and quilted!The above picture is of my center blocks piece.
I will make a picture of my triangles when my first border is done. My progress is also on my blog.
Happy stitching to you all!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Latest Babies

Here are my latest babies from the last 3 weeks:





Which should be spun 180 degrees (Blogger did its thing)

And here is where my Rainbow Jane stands:
(Does anyone else have trouble with their camera not snapping purples correctly?)

Four blocks

My Dear Jane progress has languished for months, but now I've done six blocks in two weeks! Sure, they're easy blocks, but that's okay with me. The further I get into it, the more likely I am to keep going. This week I completed four blocks:



It feels so good to be working on this again!

Underway again

Finally, I have been able to finish 2 blocks - the first for some time. 



Both of these were quite quick to piece. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Busy B's

Here is the rest of row B.
I have joined 3 rows now - can anyone tell me whether you join the rows together with one long strip or in shorter sections? I would like to join the 3 rows together to see how it looks.










Happy to share with the fans of this historic quilt and embroidery fans also, this link to make a small sample cross-stitch DJ.

These are the threads to use. The story is that years ago I saw this embroidery in ablog and wanted to do this but unfortunately did not share the data. As fate wouldfind me with the sale of embroidery and by chance, surfing the web. I got the pattern via email the day before my vacation ... and the desire I had to do ... I took it and I could buy the threads somewhere in thesouth and of course I included a piece of Aida fabric. I found a shop in Puerto Varas, fully stocked, I only missed two colors.

Here is the picture of the brochure. I bought it on line here and just send it via mail (not PDF) and it takes about 45 days so do not be impatient, arrives. The final size of the embroidery is small but depends on Aida fabric they use. Check this online store also sells many designs for various topics and has other Sampler.

That was my beginning. My embroidery will be about 30 x 30 cm

And my progress. I see a little twisted the last triangle on the left but I counted and counted, seen and reviewed and well. I will see the following.

Good thing, right? At least for the quilt we are doing D. Jane and like cross-stitchembroidery.

A hug,
:) Yasmin :)

Feliz de compartir con las fanáticas de este histórico quilt y fanáticas también del bordado, este enlace para hacer una pequeña muestra del DJ en punto cruz.

Estos son los hilos que ocuparé. La historia es que hace años que vi este px en algún blog y quise hacerlo pero lamentablemente no compartieron el dato. El destino quiso que me encontrará con la venta del bordado y por casualidad, navegando por la web. Me llegó por correo el día anterior a mis vacaciones... y con las ganas que tenía de hacerlo... me lo llevé por si podía comprar los hilos en alguna parte del sur y por supuesto que incluí el trozo de tela aída. Los encontré en una cordonería en Puerto Varas, completamente surtida, solo me faltó dos colores.

Aquí está la foto del folleto. Lo compré on line aquí y sólo lo envían vía correo (no PDF) y se demora unos 45 días por lo que no se impacienten, llega. El tamaño del bordado final es pequeño, aunque depende de la tela aída que usen. Revisen esta tienda on line porque también vende muchos diseños de diversos temas y tiene otros Sampler.

Así fue mis comienzos. Mi bordado quedará de unos 30 x 30 cm.
Y mis avances. Veo un poco torcido el último triángulo de la izquierda pero he contado y contado, visto y revisado y está bien. Ya veré con el que sigue.

Buen dato, no? Por lo menos para las que estamos haciendo el quilt D. Jane y nos gusta el bordado en punto cruz.

Un abrazo,
:) Yasmin :)