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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Me again with E-13

Thanks for the nice comments on my post yesterday, I sure appreciate it! Quilting is indeed good therapy, as well as friendship.Today I finished the last block in row E. I didn't like the way it was diagrammed in the book, so I made mine to look like the actual picture of the block. I pieced the triangles, the strips around it and the interior triangles the traditional way. Then I appliqued the small blue triangles to the corner triangles and stitched them on. I like it!

I have stitched the first row together with the sashing, but I think I will take it apart again, in favor of sewing my blocks in chunks instead of rows. Besides that I think I might want to arrange my blocks differently because I haven't really been planning the arrangement of the different blues. It might look ok as I have them, but it might need some tweaking and that will be harder if I sew my rows together now. For now I am just gong to concentrate on getting more blocks finished!


LynCC said...

I've redrafted a few blocks, too - usually to simplify how it's put together, but sometimes, like you, because it didn't look like the picture. And I am soooo in love with your blues! :D

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Wow.....I love your blues as well!

Dawn said...

Simply Beautiful Pamela!