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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dear Jane Exhibition

The Dear Jane Exhibition

that was on over the weekend was fabulous!

So many quilts on display and all were different. Different colours, different borders, different quilting and all were really lovely.

Here are some pictures of some of them and I took a photo of the name tags but they turned out blurry for some reason….Grrrr!

20130209_104717 (Medium)

Gorgeous aqua and light blues…pretty pretty! 

20130209_104817 (Medium) 

A purple one!!

20130209_105450 (Medium)

This one the lady got sick of doing the blocks and didn’t want to waste them so used them in the houses blocks and made a mini quilt. Its great!

20130209_105653 (Medium)

This one is embroidered….not pieced or hand sewn but embroidered to make it look like the blocks. Ingenious!

20130209_111118 (Medium)

20130209_111957 (Medium)

20130209_112306 (Medium)

Julianne I went on the Saturday and didn't see your blocks …..if I did then it didn't register with me that they were yours.

I really loved the Exhibition and it has inspired me to get mine on the go again :)

If ever there is a Dear Jane Exhibition near you, try to go and have a look…..you won’t regret it.

Happy Sewing everyone and hugs to all


The Pickledish Patch


Pip said...

I wish I could have gone, it would have been really inspiring to see all those Dear Janes, thanks for showing us your photos.

Anonymous said...

wow awesome quilts.xx

Julianne said...

Pity I missed you - it was great. So inspiring and such variety!! Your photos are great. I took some with my phone but they weren't very good - very yellow and grainy.

Jane's Addicted. said...

Thanks for posting - awesome!