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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Had the urge to buy more fabric..

Oh dear.....
As if I didnt have enough fabric already? What do I think at times?
Well I had this sitting on the shelf of my store and well it just had to go into my Dear Jane stash as the colours and tones of the fabrics are just perfect.

Its a FQ bundle of Collection For A Cause and I felt that it will suit my DJ just perfect. What I dont use in the blocks I will use in something else I am sure of it.
I havent done any more blocks this month so I will show you the ones I have done before.



Would you believe that a month has gone by already since Janiac's Unite blog started up?
A few ladies haven't climbed aboard and posted about thier DJ blocks yet, so come on everyone ...don't be shy and show us your blocks and fabrics you are using, your techniques or what ever you think about the Dear Jane experience.
Hugs to all....


Pip said...

Some very nice looking fabrics there Vicki, one good thing about making Dear Jane is that you only need a small amount of fabric for each block. I finished another block last week so will post that in the next day or so, hard to believe that it has only been a month since Janiac's Unite started.

Larissa said...

Liking your fabrics Vicki!! And your blocks look great too!!
I have had to put my sewing to one side for the last month or so, but I have my fabrics and my first few blocks pages have been photocopied ... just got to finish these last two assignments and then I can get lots of sewing planned and organised for my Christmas trip and get some machine sewing done on some basic DJ blocks ... should post some in the next few weeks!

Julianne said...

A girl can NEVER have too much fabric!!

LynCC said...

oh, yeah! Those are great fabrics for a traditional Dear Jane :D

Marilyn said...

Perfect fabrics, Vicki. No you couldnt resist them, they will go so well in DJ.
Beautiful blocks.
I know I was away from home when Janiacs Unite commenced, but really a month ??? Time sure is flying by.
Take care. Hugs xx

Stephanie said...

Those fabrics are beautiful and will look great in your DJ.

quilter501 said...

Why is it that when I see fabric bundles that awesome, I begin to hyperventilate? Someone told me it is similar to what a drug addict feels just before their injection. I seriously doubt that!!!! Drugs cannot be as good as gorgeous fabric bundles!!!!!! What a great buy!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I always have an urge to buy fabric....grin. Love your blocks and your new fabric....Wow!

ANudge said...

Great finished blocks, Vickie. I'm having to set DJ aside and get some things done before 12/20, but will back to them soon.