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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yay! Caught up with my Rainbow shipments

oh, no! Amber Alert on a missing Baby Jane!  My A-2 has gone AWOL. :(   Getting a lot of "spring cleaning" done in the search for it.

I finally settled on how I want to set my quilt, and got all the sashes cut out so I can assemble them periodically and avoid another misplaced Baby. (poor little thing)






Here are the 5 that I finished this week, which catches me up to my fabric shipments and makes my quilt look like this:


Jean said...

Oh wow! I'm impressed! these are so cool....though think the triangles look hard!

LynCC said...

The triangles *are* a pain! (Oops - I've got to remember to comment on my posts in here so I'll get emails)

Dawn said...

Lyn ~ I love the rainbow idea! The colors will look stunning :)

John'aLee said...

Love, love the colors!

Kristen said...

Love your colors...and oh my, I can't believe you are working on this too...I guess I might just have to start! :)