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Monday, April 2, 2012

Repeating Fabrics and Woven Sashing

I do repeat fabrics in my Dear Jane quilt but I placed the "repeats" so they are not side-by-side . . . that is, until I discovered this as I joined Row I. Many times, I've fantasized making a DJ quilt entirely from one background fabric and 1-13 other fabrics with great fussy cut options. This might be as close as I get to executing that idea, since I decided to focus on finishing this quilt and do not plan to make a second DJ quilt.

BTW, this may be one of my best photos showing the woven sashing. It's so subtle; I'm hoping that the quilting will bring it out.


Jane's Addicted. said...

I looove the woven sashing idea (although there's no way i'm gonna try that!) and i'm glad you posted this cause you really can see it here. i'll bet you're right about the quilting - that will probably make that woven effect show up more... : )

Minka's Studio said...

Thanks, Addicted. I hope you are right.

Celine said...

I have done the same "mistake" even more obvious in my case as I selected the same fabric for 2 blocks next to each other. I initially thought I would remake one of the 2 blocks in a different fabric but I have now decided to keep it to try and finish my quilt, one day!
Your blocks are gorgeous!

Minka's Studio said...

Thank you, Celine. I'm off to look at your blocks! I like to think that these "mistakes" add character.