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Friday, December 16, 2011


Hello everyone,

I signed up for the challenge a while ago and was waiting to have some DJ related post to introduce myself. But because I have been busy doing lots of other things, I have felt like a fraud since... In the last 2 days, I have taken a few Dear Jane stitches on L12 that I cut a long time ago so I thought it was great time I came out of lurking on the blog and make myself known to you fellow Janiacs.
I started my Dear Jane journey in 2004 and completed my first few blocks during Dear Jane classes run by the Dear Jane Queen, Brenda who travelled to Europe (a remote Danish island) for the occasion. I met with friends from Sweden there and we pieced and applique our first few blocks together in September 2004. Since then, my Dear Jane journey has been going through period of "intense" blocks making (about 1 block a week) to long period of rest, this is where I have been for a long while now. So I am hoping this blog will help me focus on my Dear Jane again to eventually get it finished!
I am using batik fabrics in a Trip around the World arrangement for my blocks with a dark blue (Sapphire) background.
I am posting a picture of my virtual wall below so you can see where I am at.
Most of my blocks are posted on my webshots and some are also on Flickr.
I have made 111 blocks and 5 triangles to date so there is still a relatively long way to go.
I have been sewing the sashing as I pieced the blocks and assembling the row as I go along so at least once my blocks are finished, the top should get together *relatively* fast.
Well I hope to keep up with you in the New Year, even though Baby #3 will make an appearance very soon, maybe I am optimistic, time will tell!



quilter501 said...

How beautiful! Just remember that steady as you go.....is also progress! Perhaps with the new baby coming, it would help now to prepare lots of blocks so that later when you only have a moment to sew....you can make some fun blocks. Thanks for sharing your works of art.

Vicki ♥ said...

Wow Celine you have done many blocks and they look great :) You have inspired me now :) Hugs Vicki x

LynCC said...

Wow! Those are really, really pretty

Dawn said...

oh Celine, you've certainly had a lot on your plate these last few months...love your design wall.keep plodding along... I am way way behind BUT next years plan is a good one...get more finished than this year...might be able to do that in the fist month..LOL.. merry Christmas
Hugs Dawn x x x