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Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's nice having these bright Janes to work on when other projects are out of my colorways.



Been sashing them as I go along and they hang out to share the cheer. Took me forever to decide how I wanted to set them. Finally decided since I was doing a bright, cheery rainbow to chase away the blues of being a newly empty-nest mom, I'd set them in the sky, where we find real-life rainbows.


LynCC said...

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Vicki ♥ said...

Oh Wow Lyn.....they look amazing and so pretty :) I like the idea of sashing as you go and I might have to do that with mine now. Hugs
Vicki x

Julianne said...

I LOVE the bright colours. I am sashing each row as I go too. Eases the pain!

Larissa said...

This is beautiful!! And those two blocks look Very well made!!

quilter501 said...

Stunning! Look so well made.

Coach Tina said...

I have just found this group-let me first say WOW-second, let me say, I love the blue sashing! What a great idea. I also like the idea of sashing as you go-I only have 4 blocks done, so now sashing to worry about yet!