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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sashing Prep: Method to My Madness

Basket-weave sashing: 5:x1" and 10" x 1"

I'm all done sashing my blocks but I wanted to post this info on how I prepare the blocks and sashing before I start stitching them together. While I used a woven pattern, the same prep would be done for regular sashing, too. Before adding the sashing to each row . . .
  • The sashing pieces are cut, seamlines and corners (dots) are marked. The short strips have 4 dots; the long strips have 8 dots. Because I was doing woven sashing, I had short and long strips.
  • The seamlines on every block are checked for accuracy. Some applique blocks start out with no seamlines marked at all!
It's painstaking, but it helps control the wonks. Just look at the "migrating seamlines" in the Row K samples below. That pink block just barely had a seam allowance! It was a real nail biter! I remember when I made it. I had not made a block in many months and forgot many little tricks I had learned along the way....like putting a generous seam allowance around the outside of each block. I got all done, realized my error and just groaned. Luckily, I had enough to join it to its neighboring blocks -- just barely. Click the photos to enlarge them.

4.5" x 4.5" template is key to getting the job done.

Note the migrating seamlines (left and right) and a pink nail-biter (center)!

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