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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Dear Jane Block from THE BOOK

Finally started.  I had completed one other block from the BOM that Brenda published on the Dear Jane web site in 2010.  However, I didn't get the book until Christmas, so after procrastinating for a little while, I sat down and hand pieced and appliqued the block.

Being such small blocks, accuracy is extremely important, so the simple block got a little more complicated as the thickness of the pen I used to draw my applique template made them just that little bit too big to fit on the block.  So a little bit of fiddling and re-drawing and re-cutting and I had one Dear Jane Block!

This is A-7 Dad's Plaids
Now to pick another and get going on that one.  The weather has turned so hot here that it is not conducive to anything.  I didn't sew at all yesterday - just read and played Rummy-O with the kids.  Oh, well - we need those sorts of days, too.




Pip said...

Your block has turned out well, you're on your way now :)

Anonymous said...

Very Cute!!!

Julianne said...

Love the spots!!!!